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Global Investments is a specialised investment solution offered through the sister firm of Q4 Solutions Corporation. It provides investment opportunities to invest in carefully selected projects from around the world that offer security, tangibility and impressive financial performance. GI service to investors is based upon four main principles: price, profit, performance and Shariah compliance.

The management team of Global Investments are investors and business people. They found that when they themselves were in need of assistance in setting up new businesses in emerging markets (Middle East/ Far East) or looking for sincere advice or direction in sourcing SHARIAH compliant Investment opportunities, that it was almost impossible to find this service in one place and by a company that understood the values and ethics that they worked too. Many companies CLAIMED to offer Shariah Compliant Investments - but were they really 100% Shariah compliant? Were they 100% free of Insurances or Interest based mechanisms?

So after years of research and creating many working partnerships, lots of travel and overcoming many hurdles the GI team decided to bring these much needed services to others who are interested in making a transition to the Middle East & Far East markets or those simply looking for Shariah compliant investments for their hard earned wealth.

Global investments is focused on getting you information on the best investment opportunities for your budget with the best returns possible and the lowest entry and exit cost whilst minimising risk whether you are a small or large investor. We cater for corporations or fund managers looking for the right investment in the emerging markets, or simply for the individual looking for the right investment.

Discover how to maximise your budget no matter how small and become a global investor, just contact us at

Start your own business in a Booming Emerging Market ....

Global Investments facilitates the transition of setting up our clients in business or setting up an extension of their current business in Emerging Markets, with a particular focus on Saudi Arabia and UAE. Whilst the WORLD HAS GONE INTO A GLOBAL ECONOMIC MELTDOWN there is still growth in the Oil Rich Region and, with low to no Taxes and low cost resource costs and huge Government Budgets and Infrastructure Development and Stimulus Spending coupled with Surplus Liquidity. FDI levels have been on the increase in these regions year on year, coupled with population growth and huge oil revenues, these factors are enticing many companies to set up in these regions. Setting up in a new region is a tricky task; we make this transition clear, transparent and smooth.

GI can also facilitate Shariah Compliant Investment Capital for new ventures and find you Strong Local partners for your new business in the region of your choice.


"So, in closing, I thank Q4 GEMS for their wisdom and guidance in shaping my IT decisions, and always available for support. With confidence and without wavering, I highly recommend Q4 GEMS, as they will provide the same high level of responsive service and support to others as they have provided to my office."

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